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Focus on wellness, not weight loss

Focus on wellness not weight loss

The focus of weight loss should be on wellness, not weight loss. Many people who are serious about weight loss will focus most of their time on calories, as well as making sure that they are eating the right portions. However, making sure that you are eating the right portions is not nearly enough to shed the pounds. According to doctors, people who focus on getting every pound of weight off are actually wasting their time, because the body goes into a period of decline as soon as pounds are lost, and will slowly start to gain back even more pounds.

In addition to making sure that pounds are shed, focus should be on wellness as well. People who focus on being healthy are often several pounds lighter than those who are not focused on being healthy. Studies have shown that the immune system is much more efficient when it is focused on being healthy rather than focusing on weight loss. When the body focus is on wellness, overall health and the immune system are greatly improved, which certainly helps to shed pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

Wellness – body is focused on being healthy

Studies have also shown that those who are focused on weight loss, but also are trying to be healthy, tend to have a faster weight loss. This is simply because when the body is focused on being healthy, it is less stressed and can save the organs much more energy to aid in the weight loss. While this may help with the weight loss aspect, it does not necessarily mean that the immune system is improved. If the focus is on wellness, then the weight loss may still happen at a healthy pace, even if the immune system is working at a slow pace to save fuel.

We all want to do whatever we can to have the best possible health and the best possible life. There are some choices that we can make to help to get the best possible body we can. Eating healthy foods is certainly one benefit of focusing on wellness, but it does not stop there. Other choices are also available to us including working out, learning to recognize and treat stress, and simply spending time with people who are positive and who will support us in times of depression and mood swings.

We can help our body

Have a part in deciding how we want to look and feel at any given moment in time. We can help our body to feel and look fantastic no matter what our environment looks like. Chronic stress is a very common problem and we all have sources of it whether it is watching too much television, having too much work, meeting too many demands, or having too many responsibilities. The fight against stress is a strong one. However, it is also a choice that we can make to reduce it.

Stress is a fact of life. It is the reason there is a possibility for anything, really. Stress can come from many things. However, some sources of stress are avoidable and we can all choose to be less stressed. More important, we can all choose to be in charge of how we respond to it. Neglecting stress is simply not an option.

Reduce our sugar intake, eat more protein

There are many ways to reduce and even eliminate stress from our lives. The way we decide to live our lives, how we choose to spend our time will ultimately determine how we respond to the hectic world. Therefore, it is imperative that we make ourselves less stressed and increase our ability to be in charge of how we respond to stress. The ways to do this is by eating properly, making physical activity an important part of our daily lives, discarding negative beliefs and replacing them with positive beliefs, and replacing negative behavior with positive behavior.

Eating properly, that is to eat a wide variety of foods, reduce our sugar intake, eat more protein, less fat, and replace the snacks we eat with fruit, vegetables and nuts. Increasing our physical activity will also play a major role in improving our immune systems. So, as you consider switching your lifestyle to a healthier option, perhaps it is wise to first try this simple, inexpensive and proven way of life .

Wellness – Changing suggestion:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Drink less soda or pop, and more water in the form of water coolers
  • Make the cottage cheese in your home for immediate use
  • Drink your breakfast on the way to the office
  • Take the stairs when possible
  • Park further away when possible
  • Take the last 10 minutes of your day to stretch your body
  • Sign up for a dance class –management, not just dancing the live music during your class, keeping your body moving, keeping it loose –otherwise, just move, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah
  • Get your body moving by playing a sport with your children or taking a walk around your neighborhood
  • Sign up for classes just for you — such as yoga, karate, personal training, etc.