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How to get a flat stomach – A super Fast easy exercise you can do anywhere

How to get a flat stomach - A super Fast easy exercise

Flat Stomach – A super fast easy exercise – Are you using every “pot of kettlebells”, “dust of magnesium”, “vial of vitamin D” etc. in the pursuit of a flat abdominal? Stop. You are constantly confusing your abdominal muscles. This may weaken your stomach, weaken your core! It’s a super fast moving sea boat!

If your goal is to get stronger, less bulky and create beauty with a flat stomach, then this is ideal.

However to get a flat stomach and create beauty, you need to go much deeper. There are essential muscle groups that need to be trained, strengthened and (consistently) Improved for a flat stomach.

The abdominal muscles are (ooked!) muscles of vanity. You are using your abdominals in very “invasive” ways. Many people that make big muscles and get a strong midsection often times seem to be wearing an extra layer of clothing – in the abdominal area. It’s because the more bulky you are, the more stuff you have to store up there!

Get a flat stomach and create beauty

A super fast and easy exercise to get a flat stomach is the reverse crunch.

The reverse crunch is a versatile and effective exercise that challenges all of the ab muscles (really any muscles that you want to work on!).

It also gets you in position to improve your breathing technique. When you’re inhaling you should think of the tummy muscles “releasing” while the inner chest muscles are being worked. This way you’re not only challenging your abdominals, but also your breathing muscles.

You can’t perform many reverse crunches if you’re not careful. Like most exercises you should never, ever do a reverse crunch without a spotter. And you should never contract your abs with your knees bent. This will lead to lots of blood and you’ll most likely black out. When you finally complete the crunch you’re going to find your abs tight and won’t be able to release them.

Relax your shoulders and suck in your stomach

Make sure you adjust your feet and make sure they are flat on the floor, against a workout mat.

First, lay flat on your back. Relax your shoulders and suck in your stomach. You should feel this tension in your lower back muscles.

Your hands should be behind your head and on the floor. Then, you should bring up your abs towards your knees by pulling up one vertebra at a time. Keep your heels together and your back flat on the floor. You shouldoting your abs while doing this motion.

It takes about 2 minutes and you should do 2 sets of this motion.

The exercise ball provides a versatile yet effective way of doing reverse crunches. If you have never used an exercise ball before, it’s probably a good idea to watch a video of an exercise ball workout. My favorite is by fitness expertoptimum.

One way to contract your abs without any machines is by rolling your pelvis towards your knee. It’s quite similar to what happens when you sit on a chair. If you want an extra challenge you can place a stability ball between your legs.

Not to do exercises that involve too much lifting

When you’re ready to contract your abs without the benefit of machines, simply place your hands under your lower back and armpits. Lift your shoulders and upper back off the ball. Hold for a few seconds then release. Release your back to the floor. Repeat the movement but this time, tense your core muscles and not your abs. It’s a little different, but can really help you out.

In order to contract your abs, imagine you were being drawn through a bottle. Your hands and body are exerting themselves along the course of the bottle. Lifting up the legs will help you contract your abs, and lower them down again and add tension. It sounds simple, but you can add speed to this exercise by rushing the bottle. If you try to press your heels into the ground, you’ll need to switch hands and begin again.

Cardio is another option. You can consider jogging, plyometric exercises, or body weight exercises as an alternative to the traditional sit ups or crunches.

Try not to do exercises that involve too much lifting, and try to balance all your exercises during the day. It might seem impossible, but don’t give up. Eventually, the results will come in time.

The popular press is a great tool for when you’re ready to contract your abs. In fact, a sedentary L-arm can sometimes be used to contract the transversus abdominis by simply rotating your upper arm and shoulder at the same time. Try swinging your upper arm and shoulder back and forth across the L-arm. For more information on the L-arm exercise, click here.