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How to lose weight – a few tips

How to lose weight - a few tips

How to lose weight – a few tips. You know what the problem is, it’s that bulky part of you that you don’t like, or hate touching, its’ that disgusting flab that hangs from the sides and goes taut over my clothes. Over time I have weakly maintained a diet and skipping exercises, although I was at my wits end I wanted something to try.

Well I tried and tried, but I didn’t loose much weight, only inches. I tried the diet pills, recipes, you name it and I tried it. I can’t really say, what was the magic bullet that got me to the right path. You know, it was, what I believe is the trick that will work for you to loose that dreaded fat off your body, but first, let me tell you, from years of battling flab I now know what works and what doesn’t and I can tell you exactly what I did, and, I’m telling you, you should do the same

How to lose weight – Appointments with the nutritionist

Yes, you’ve probably heard it before and yes it’s true, you can’t change the weather you’re born with, but you can change what you do. Studies are now showing that when you adhere to a regular eating pattern you give the body the opportunity to start all over, take care of your health and reduce the number of fat cells naturally without even try. The body starts to pay attention to regular eating patterns and stops storing up overloaded fat reserves. Of course you need to supply the body with the fuel it needs on a regular basis. So take your regular meal, the food you consume every day, procedures etc, and strive to stick to it.

Cut down on the carbohydrates

Reduce, do away with and if possible, stop eating bread, pasta, it’s not good for you. These are white carbohydrates and if you’re not sure, remember, this is fast becoming the first food group to be given to the poor. It is a form of food that the body practically has no use for, so why pile on the calories? These became your number one enemies. Now if you’re an athlete or you do some work in the gym, a lot of times you do not even need that. Increase the amount of vegetables you take, omitting the meat. Eat to make sure you stay and feel satisfied. Make a small meal at home, using frozen vegetables. Have a sole type of vegetable or fruit for dessert, and when you have a sugar free dessert, put in a small amount of fiber.

Drop off the extra beverages

It is no big secret that the more water you drink, the better you become. Juices, tahini, mustard; all of these are water based. With every meal drink a glass of water or two. With beverages jugs, hot or cold, choose whatever you like and drink up, just be certain you don’t mix it with soda or the room gets hot for a minute.