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How to strengthen the immune system

strengthen the immune system

It is the season for all things sweet, from seasonal sweets to ice cream, from flowers to retirement parties. All these sweets are stuffed with nutrients we need to maintain our health, particularly our immune system.

However, immune system is something we can maintain and control. It is something we can learn to keep strong and healthy. For most people, though, immune system failure and disease are at the top of their worries. Just counting the number of colds, flu and other illnesses is not enough.

Once it gets really bad, even counting the number of medications and doctor visits the entire lifetime, it becomes impossible to maintain a strong immune system, and a healthy body.

So what can you do to fight off illness?

1. Strengthen the immune system – Get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do to keep your immune system strong. In fact, people who sleep fewer than seven hours a night are three times more likely to get sick.

The reason sleep is so important is that it activates the natural chemicals in our bodies that are responsible for creating immunity. When your immune system is alerted, it shuts down, and rest is the only thing it can do.

2. Exercise daily.

Getting enough exercise is also a way to keep your immune system in check. It does not only keep your body healthy, but also helps keep your mind fresh and limber. The less time you spend sitting, the less you are susceptible to a weakened immune system.

There are a number of ways to increase your exercise level. It can be easy and fun or you can find something that you enjoy and make it a part of your daily routine. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of driving, or playing with your kids. What matters is that you have a little ritual of doing these activities on a regular basis. Not only will it help you maintain your immune system, but will keep you fit and healthy.

3. Face sunlight.

Skin care is one of the most important elements of keeping your immune system in optimum condition. UV rays, the sun’s rays, can deplete the vitamin D in your body. That is a key concern for your chances of staying healthy.

And what’s good about this fact is that it is not only beneficial for the vitamin D part. In fact, the sun is crucial for your health in other ways. It promotes correctives your immune system, improves sight and also aids in the production of hormones. Yes, hormones.

If you are into antioxidant skin care, you will find that regular exposure to sunlight keeps your skin in good condition almost 24 hours a day. The ultraviolet (UV) light from just a few minutes a day provides broad spectrum light(in the light range of 700- thousands of ultraviolet radiation) that is best for our immune system.

4. De-Stress.

Stress is another crucial element for keeping a strong immune system. Of course, having a stressful lifestyle is part of life, but not all stress is bad. It’s when we get stressed that we get sick. And it’s important to recognize when we’ve become too stressed for our good health.

There are a number of ways to do that. For example, you might feel stressed when you’re working long hours or facing deadlines, or facing an increase in bad news. You might feel stressful when a difficult demand comes up or your partner is leaving you for a new partner.

Another way to de-stress is to engage in activities that you enjoy. Doing something you enjoy, whether it’s reading a book, playing a game, going for a walk, or anything you enjoy, will help you relax mentally and physically.

5. Choose healthy lifestyles.

It’s important to choose a healthy lifestyle. Here are some points to keep in mind.

If you can do these things, you’ll live a strong healthier lifestyle. And you’ll live a stronger, more vibrant life.

  • Limit alcohol if you drink more than 2 drinks a day. gratifying social drinking is okay. Two drinks isn’t.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Be careful of the amount of calories you consume. It should be equal to the amount you burn.

•Drink more than 8 glasses of water a daily. There’s science behind this. You’ve heard the 8 glass theory. It’s an old science based on the fact that water absorbs calories even when you’re not thirsty. The reason for this is that we are full when we swallow and when we’re not even aware of our body needs. We think we’re hungry, and often we aren’t. Our body will send signals from the brain to the stomach that it’s actually full, and often we’ll want to eat even more. Next time you’re about to reach for a specific high calorie snack, ask yourself how close it is to your target.