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Leucocytes – White blood cells

Leucocytes - White blood cells

Leucocytes are immune cells derived from bone marrow and peripheral blood, These cells have a typical look of round fleshy tissues. There are about 50 types of leukemia cells found and they occur naturally in minute amounts in the peripheral lymph nodes and spleen. The majority of leukemia cells originate in the bone marrow. There are three main types of leukemia. Germamel cells, myeloid cells and lymphocytes. The leukemiaatic cells are known as ‘Leukemic’ because of the function that they perform.

The Leukemiaatic cells marts cell is a phagocytic type of cells and engulfs infected bacteria and microorganisms. It destroys the cells that carry the infections and help in building up healthy immune cells. The normal bone marrow of a child contains about 300 ml of marrow. The solid wastes that are found in the marrow are called ‘rem waste’.When a child is suffering from leukemia the solid wastes are not eliminated properly by the body. Result is that the blood becomes thick and less pure. The blood begins to scanner through the veins and arteries. This occurs when the red blood corpuscles are not shed in the required manner. The chil d finds it difficult to breathe especially the thin mucus having a bad smell.

Leucocytes and leukemia

Oncologists (Doctors) are researchers who study the different kinds of cancer and other disorders under the microscope. They do research and discovered that leukemia is the type of cancer that has maximum occurrence in people under 40 years old. Early symptoms of leukemia are very similar to the symptoms of other different diseases. The first symptom is the constipation that is followed by the weight loss. If the disease is not treated in time the child suffers from drooping of the eyelids, slow growth in the body and fatigue. Other symptoms are blonde hair that is falling out, frostbite, night sweats and constant fatigue. Leucocytes cells have a typical look of round fleshy tissues.

Before the treatment the child suffers from leukemia is not very difficult but after the treatment it can be very dangerous. The children can suffer from the loss of sound to some extent because of the dysfunction in the ear. They also face problems in sleeping because of the continuous bleeding of the mucous membranes. A child with leukemia finds it difficult to concentrate because of the intense pain. A person with chronic leukemia is easy to diagnose because of the symptoms. The symptoms of leukemia are as follows. White blood cells (WBCs), also called leukocytes or leucocytes.

Leukemia can be fatal

Leukemia is a dangerous disease because it makes the immune system weak. The internal organs of the body tend to work slowly. The infection and cancerous cells are not killed by the body because of the lack of white blood cells and the platelets. The white blood cells are responsible for carrying antibodies against the foreign particles. Leukemia makes the body useless to do the normal work of the body like, breathing, digestion etc.

Leukemia can be fatal because of the blood loss. The cancer cells kill healthy blood cells by breaking down the cells and another kind of cancer cells also causes the death of healthy blood cells. To fight against the abnormal cells of leukemia the natural killer cells of the body are over-produced. In this way the cancerous cells also get spoiled and many more children suffer from leukemia.Leukemia can be fatal and the treatment of the fatal type is not easy. It is not easy to fight against cancer and we could have easily cured the cancer and free the children from the heavy medication instead of giving them a second chance with less chance to fight against cancer and still they are not saved from leukemia.

Treatment of leukemia

The most important thing to know about the treatment of leukemia is that after the initial treatment the child can’t recover what has been gained. The treatment done is to quickly kill and eliminate the cancer cells and prevents the dangerous cells from spreading in other parts of the body. To get rid of the dangerous cells of leukemia the child is treated with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy that practically stops the dangerous cells from spreading. Get rid of the abnormal cells which caused the leukemia the other ways are used. Acid leukemia is treated with unlike chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Treatment of leukemia is based on treating the cancer cells and non-cancerous cells. The cancer cells are easily destroyed and can be eliminated. However it needs a long treatment with different doses of medication.

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