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What are cloth menstrual pads?

What are cloth menstrual pads

If you’re new to cloth menstrual pads, you probably have lots of questions! Learn the how and why behind using cloth menstrual pads here, plus find answers to the most common questions about making the switch.

How to use cloth menstrual pads

This versatile design ensures thorough cleaning and allows you to make them mini or maxi by using one, two, or even three inserts. Pantyliners are just one piece. All of our pads have wings that snap around the gusset of most styles of underwear. This holds them in place while you go about your day-no adhesives necessary.

You’ll want to change your cloth pad about as often as you would change a similar disposable pad. For example, if you typically change your disposable pad about every four hours, you’ll want to do the same with your cloth pads.

If you’re out of the house, you can easily use and change your cloth pad. Simply bring a discreet Wet bag with you to hold your used and fresh pads. After removing your used cloth pad, you can easily fold the pad in on itself and snap it shut to form a neat little package that can be slipped into your Wet bag. Once home, you can wash the pad when you’re ready.

How to choose the right menstrual pads for you

When you’re deciding which style of cloth pads you need, the most important factor is the absorbency level. After you determine your absorbency, you can choose if you need a longer or larger style for additional coverage.

Choose Pantyliners if:

  • you want back-up for a menstrual cup or tampon
  • have very light flow, including at the very beginning or end of your cycle
  • want to wear everyday protection

Choose Day Pads if:

  • you typically use standard absorbency disposable day pads
  • sometimes leak urine when you sneeze or laugh (happens to the best of us!)
  • have moderate flow

Choose Night Pads if:

  • you have just given birth and need postpartum protection
  • tend to leak heavily over the front or back of your pads
  • have heavy flow

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