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What is chronic dehydration ?

What is chronic dehydration

Dehydration – Water is the most precious and necessary resource on earth. 3.5 billion people live in cities where uncontrolled runoff of septic waste and pollutants cause algaeuckersand other toxic stormwater to pollute the city’s freshwater supply and imperil the lives of its citizens.

On the other hand, around the world, more than two billion people, a billion of them children, endure chronic dehydration. The facts.

More than two thirds of the obese population in western societies is dehydrated. Dehydration is the single most important cause of impaired hydration in the human population. More than 75 percent of thediabetics are dehydrated enough to affect their health; a huge percentage of the ill, innumerable suffer from the wasting syndrome. More than one million Americans die each year from dehydration.

Dehydration is the single most important cause of impaired hydration

InWater is life, and may do it better than medicine.Why? Because, water is easy. It is inexpensive, has no side effects, is readily available, and is portable. Water is also the easiest way to take vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Lastly, there is no equipment needed for safe, regular hydration.

The following characteristics of water are the key to its varied and life-giving benefits:

Uses the body’s core energy

It is capable of replacing all other energy sources

It is energized in the mitochondria, the energy fabric

Aability to slow down aging process. Can dilate blood vessels, extract and distribute nutrients, electrolytes, and free radicals. Is rich in water-soluble vitamins, minerals, B-complex (B1, B2, B3, etc.), chloride, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and trace minerals, It is a universal solvent; a very stable, inexpensive, and practical H20

Knowing these facts about the function, interiors and uses of H20, we can use this liquid miracle to energize our lives, revitalize our bodies, renew our lungs, energize our skin, rejuvenate our spirit, and improve our immune system.

Dehydration – what can an ecologist do?

ecologist have a unique perspective because of their knowledge of the environment, how organisms interact, and the impact of human activity. They know that humans Destroying the environment.

So what can an ecologist do?

Ecologist use their knowledge to improve the habitat for living creatures such as fishes, insects, Petruses, and others. Enough fish already exist in the seas, however, they need predator controlled prey species such as tuna. ecology discussions and findings will be made to help us better understand the relationship between environmental quality and human health. Enough fish already exist in the seas however, they need predator controlled prey species such as tuna. Removal of threats to sea life is also necessary to improve the health of humans and sea life.

Ecologist will also give advice on ways to control pollutants and toxins without destroying the ecosystem.

They may also advise on ways to use H20 in exterior and interior walls, baths, plumbing, and gardens, and in laundry, bathing Establishments, and in bathrooms and showers

Ecologist will develop better habitations for people with disabilities or prosthesia

Most ecologist concentrate on large mammals such as horses, rhinoceroses, and blacks, and small children. They are trained to prevent injury to mammals, and also to take care of their own health.

ecologist will help people whose homes have flooding problems, and live with and help animals affected by flood waters.

People with diabetes, orstudents with mental disabilities, should have access to ecologist to assist them in the educational process. As we all know the education system is the key to a healthy society, ecologist will beDesk jobs will be in higher education institutions.