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What is wheatgrass and how does it work ?

What is wheatgrass and how does it work

Many of us have heard the term wheatgrass and wonder what it is. Wheatgrass is a grass food taken from highly modified leaves (cotyledons) of the common wheat plant, Triticum aestivum that is harvested from different locations worldwide. Once harvested from the wild it must be quickly frozen to be transported to juicing shops or juice bars where it is quickly blended with specially designed equipment to ensure it is receive juicing treatment.

Since wheatgrass is full of essential nutrients that assist the body in the assimilation of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, it is considered a “complete food”. Juice not only satisfies your appetite it also promotes the cleansing of the colon as well. When consumed 2-3 times in a day, wheatgrass juice will help your body to recover as it will stimulate the intestinal mucosa.

Research and its nutritional qualities have proven that wheatgrass is a great source of the following nutrients: vitamin A, B, C, E, K, amino acids, B12, copper niacin, folic acid, biotin, chlorophyll, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, fiber, gum, elenolic acid, lignin, manganese, omega-3 fatty acids, riboflavin, rutin, selenium, and trace minerals.

Wheatgrass is not grown in a farm environment

Not only does wheatgrass juice rejuvenate the body and mind, but it also helps to control tumors, treats ulcers, chews insanely difficult to get rid off bacteria and viruses, treats gout, builds muscle, and promotes the growth of the healthy and vigorous bacteria in our colon, and Vitamins A, B, C, D, & E. That’s a lot of things packed into one little food source. If there is a miracle food, wheatgrass would definitely be it.

It is important to recognize that you will want the best quality product you can get as Wheat grass is not grown in a farm environment so it needs to be contaminated with a very specific nutrient nutrient mix to help it offsetting any pesticides or chemical fertilizers that might be used to grow the wheat. Purchase wheatgrass from a reputable, firsthand source so you are not including harmful chemicals and pesticides with the product you choose to purchase.

The viable anaerobic juice formulas taste pretty good compared to many of the other wheatgrass products available made from crushed ice. The good thing about wheatgrass is that it starts as a Green Tea leaf which is then crushed to form a powder. Then it is mixed with water that has been dehydrated at low to medium temperatures using a dehydration machine.

This is the formula for wheatgrass and products. To the average consumer this may not sound like much but to the person who has been using their body as a living laboratory this is significant news.

Different energy level

They combine the most potent natural whole foods available in one easy to use and ingest formula. Easy to prepare and Combine in Drinks it can lead to looking like chalk full of liquid with a mild taste.

Wheatgrass enters in the bloodstream and works like a drug on the human organism. When ingested it transforms the human organism into a completely different energy level than people had been accustomed to. Oxygen without CO2 is a new species of life 15 Myreresold, “The Keepers of the Cave”, wrote about this event:

“It is reported that some 200 species of bacteria, yeast, fungi, or parasites exist on just one million years of Earth’s history. But few have survived to the present day, and this is due mostly to the fact that they do not feed on the oxygen needed by other species… Most of the oxygen present in the atmosphere is actually caused by hydrogen. And the only species of organisms that use H2O as a building material for their existence is the bacteria.