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What you need to know about goji berries

goji berries What you need to know about

For ages, berries with strange red stains have been used by the Chinese and Himalayan people. As adornment on their bodies and even as ingredients for some of their dishes. Goji berries are not only an attractive decorative fruit, but are also known to contain a number of health-giving nutrients.

What is goji berries ?

The Goji berry is a small, round berry that can be found growing in temperate and subtropical regions or can be immature when still green. Depending on the region of the country in which it is found, the Goji berry grows in canals. On streets, in gardens and even on people’s bodies. Its tolerance level is also very high and it can survive 15 to 20 times of frost without shrugging off the plants growth. Goji berries’ favourite food is cold. It is favourite by local people and restoring the healthful nutrients of the Goji berry to the body does not take too much time.

What is Goji juice like?

Goji juice is more fresh and juicy than the normal orange juice and is sold at retail or in the marketplace. The taste is sweet, with an over-powering lift in it that makes one want to keep drinking until the glass is empty. It is best when consumed while it is still hot. The amount of anti-oxidants present in Goji juice makes it a refreshing drink especially on a hot day. It is also known to reduce stress levels.

Is Goji a supplement?

No, it is not a supplement.

What does goji berries mean ?

According to a source of the English language Natural Health magazine, ‘Grains (including durum, wildale, soyrice, and zeainione) are the first grain of life (ps.rue).’ So, naturally, it contains grains. Nutritionists often refer to Goji berries as grains (a grain is part of a berry) because they originates from the Himalayan region in the Himalayas. The grains are malunggay, kubz, guarwalan, arjalan, and mitake, and these are combined with anthocyanins and vitamin C during the process of making them.

The list of health benefits is quite long. Nutritionists, alike, claim that the berries have great potential to become the ‘top selling’ fruit from the health and beauty industry.

The benefits include provide the daily recommended dose of protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, 21 trace minerals (including carotenoids and hesperidin), B-complex vitamins, and polysaccharides;

  • promote the longevity of life, which would imply that the quantity of anti-oxidants and polysaccharides along with the other beneficial nutrients would prevent aging and ill health;
  • allow smooth and glowing skin;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • help to prevent cancer;
  • liquid supplement the nutrients;
  • help maintain the lungs;
  • help the reproductive system;
  • promote longevity.

However, excess of everything is bad, so; ingesting excessive amounts of the said berries without having them in limited quantity would be bad for you. The excess quantity could lead to stomach problems and possibly lead to liver problems. Also, Goji berries have sodium content in them so they could increase the blood pressure.

What is the cure?

Goji berries have always been known to give various health benefits, but not all the benefits have been researched yet. Some of the said benefits include keeping the body’s energy very high. Making the heart firm and steady, improving kidney and liver function, improving blood circulation, improved vision. The said berries also help in preventing skin problems, blood purification through the power of eighty enzymes, slowing down the aging process. And said berries also help stabilize blood sugar levels and also calorie reduction.

All said and done, there is no known side-effects for those who love this kind of berry. Mostly, the most promising benefit of Goji berries is with the immune system which could potentially stop the growth of cancer cells. And the said berries also help stop the blood cells from forming unwanted sticky clumps of matter.

Youngsters, who are in theolated camps or theingo camps may love these berries. Gravitating towards those berries as their prime choice of a snack or a part of their daily diet. No wonder that the consumption of Goji berries has great Sales too.